Copenhagen NC4006

European Collection  Ultimate floors is excited to showcase our newest collection with exciting finishes and unique style for designer homes and flooring projects. Our European collection shows off the rich style of Europe. All pieces within this collection is 12.3 mm, hassle free, distressed laminate flooring.

Dark Hickory

Take yourself away to Europe with the Darknight Collection of quality laminate flooring. This collection is the top of the line but very affordable because it is laminate. All pieces within this collection are 12 mm, hassle free, distressed laminate flooring.

Dark Hickory NC801

Transform your living space with the Prestige Collection of quality laminate flooring. Exceptional finish and style makes the Dark Hickory style so appealing.  All laminate styles are 12.3 mm, distressed, high quality, imported laminate flooring

Dark Rain NC3512

Bring Home the Rustic Country Collection This collection features 7" wide, 12mm laminate with triple moisture protection wax. Available in V-groove and U-groove connections. The Warranty is 35 years. Ask us about our special pricing offers for contractors and designers. 

Engineered Oak Flooring

In love with Oak flooring? We have a special deal on engineered oak flooring 1/2 x 5 natural oak installed, glue down Our price is $5.99 installed. Call us now for an Estimate

Engineered Oak Guns Flooring

Our hardwood expert installers are excited about this offer with our Engineered 3/8 x 3 oak guns tick, glue down installed special price. We move the furniture, install the flooring, and replace all the original pieces back into place so you are ready to enjoy your new flooring. $5.79 Installed price  Call us now for an Estimate